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Is it odd? Or have the gender roles shifted, like complete 360, full circle? Some social "norms" are becoming extinct, not only in dating, but in the household and workplace. Not to mention, social media has tainted our perceptions and physical interaction, period! We will save that subject for another blog post, though. Okay so here it is, year of the woman, baby!! We're all screaming me too –well some –but for the most part, women are for women empowerment. Who we wish would be on board is more men!

I have learned and heard the stories of so many sophisticated, sexy, and smart women, but they are still single. Now let me say this, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being single. The single life is probably the most stress-free but we all want someone to love, right? My point, many of these women are dominant in their industries, I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, and they know what they want. In retrospect, they have no clue what men want; or the men they want do not want them back or only at his disposal. Why is that? We could go in depth about law of attraction and the whole cat and mouse puzzle chase. Who has time to compete with that theory? What auntie you know is going to put up with that?

I am not sure what's more horrific for women: men in dating or men in the workplace. It's all the same objectifying behavior. Embarrassing cat-calling or comments about all outer appearances; nothing about your work ethic, goals, or ambitions. Don't get me wrong, we love compliments. They are enjoyable, for example, "You smell really nice, what fragrance are you currently wearing?" not "Damn ma, do you taste as good as you smell?" Oh, let's not forget women’s number one downfall, the pursuer! The men that woo you and manipulate your emotions just to leave you in ghost town a few months later. All men are not like this, but most excuse it for "normal men behavior". In the words of Mariah Carey's latest bop, A No No...No na no No NO! I recently did a poll on social media, asking what environment triggers men to be the most degrading and misogynistic towards women.

The workplace can be a dark hole for women, more so underwater if you are a minority. We are all on this woman empowerment wave, right? Oh no, no! Leave that mess at the door when you enter the workplace. The minute "progression" we have seen, does not stand a chance against the boy’s club. Jakeim Jackson, Human Resource specialist of the Atlanta Hawks, stated that 88% of his clients for resume building are woman. It made me think, women are serious about their business endeavors and advancements, but we still get less respect and less pay than men in the workplace. Why is that? Either way, women are not here to cause trouble; we know our worth, now give us our money, MITCH!

Many gender norms and standards are blurred, for instance the ongoing topic of discussion is women's choice in wardrobe. I had the opportunity to make an appearance on the Whiskey Conversation podcast to discuss dating, gender roles, and behaviors. On the show, Mike Taylor asked me, "Does the way women dress affect the way women are approached by men?"

I summed it up by saying there is a difference between sexy and classy, versus nasty and trashy. Now, we all know women are going to be sexualized, regardless, if we are half naked or wearing a boshiya! Women, we have every right to hold ourselves accountable, we can't expect justification and we are also walking contradictions. Women, we are in control of our bodies, so whether you show a little breast, thigh, leg or nothing at ready to dismiss any behavior you are not comfortable with or walk away. I love to play devil's advocate, so on the flip side if you can handle what he’s giving, then get yours suuuss!!!  At the end of the day, decide what woman you want to be, own it, and be ready for whatever backlash comes your way. Remember, nobody is perfect. As long as you love yourself and you are striving every day to be better, screw them! Tap into your spirituality and femininity and grab life by the balls; besides, it is a man's world anyway, right?

Ladies, what if you could hear men’s thoughts? Would you even want to? According to my poll on social media, most women would totally want to hear men’s thoughts. One of our fashion style favorites, Taraji P. Henson, is starring in a new film titled, What Men Want. Inspired by Nancy Meyers’ hit romantic comedy with Mel Gibson, What Women Want. This film follows the story of a female sports agent (Henson) who has been constantly boxed out by her male colleagues. When she gains the power to hear men’s thoughts, she is able to shift the paradigm to her advantage as she races to sign the NBA's next superstar. Check out Taraji P. Henson’s latest spread in InStyle Magazine, promoting the new film.

What Men Want releases on February 8th, so grab your girls and hit the box office!

We want to hear your thoughts about gender roles and behaviors. Shocked by the poll results? Do you think gender roles are blurred? Comment below.

Edited by Ryan Maples

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