Project Runway's Season 14 fourth finalist, Candice Cuoco gave us the unthinkable Friday night.

Her fall collection gave Art Hearts Fashion week edge, power, and domination! Candice Cuoco embodied the warrior woman, catering to those who are strong and unstoppable.

Candice incorporated a playful mix of soft textures and prints like floral, houndstooth, chiffon and satin with firm exteriors such as leather. Throughout the collection, she played on sexy cut outs with bondage restricted like accessories. Cuoco delivered high fashion Cruella De Vil meets Vampy Morticia Addams from The Addams' Family and let's say AYW APPROVES!

She also kept the flair adding ruffles and exaggerated trains and sleeves to her designs. Another staple, were Cuoco's gowns paired with black rose gloves and hats draped in tulle. She also tackled an unconventional items challenge, using what appears to be wood for one of the gowns. It expressed powerful black widow in more ways than others. Candice definitely had us strapped, zipped, tied, locked in and loaded as she introduced us to HER world.

Candice Cuoco's collection was truly inspirational and phenomenal!

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