Get the strap! No more panty lines PLEASE!!!

Hey, fashion lovers! Before I get started, I wanted to address the white deodorant stains you see on my T-shirt bra. Yes, the undergarments used for this content were indeed clean. The T-shirt bra I had specifically for the demonstration, I left at home on accident. If you can imagine, shoot days are crazy and I was already a hot, frantic, and nervous mess. I literally took off the T-shirt bra I was currently wearing and just had to go with it. 

I thought about not posting, but I was like, screw social media and its stigma of everything has to be perfect; I’m human, I’m not perfect, but I wear deodorant. I’ve been working really hard on my presence in front of the camera, and if I must say, probably the best video I’ve done. There weren’t too many retakes, just those white stains (lol). 

Anyway, as much as I despise deodorant stains of any kind; there’s nothing I despise more than visible undergarments! 

You know what I mean! Bra straps or panty lines that are way out of line. Most horrifying thing is when the light shines and all I can see is lace, florals, and sometimes disney characters. 

Seamless is the way to go! Why? It’s a smooth finish and zero panty lines. In my Youtube video, I talk about many different styles and color of undergarments. Let’s discuss which undergarments go best with certain clothing. 


Wearing colorful underwear will show through your leggings. If the leggings are of low quality in fabric, black and nude will even show sometimes. Many, like me, avoid wearing underwear with leggings. If you do not want to go full commando opt for a thong instead. Any style panty could work under leggings: hipster, cheeky, or bikini. It all depends on your level of comfort and the quality of fabric. I would just stay away from the poor quality leggings all together , don't set yourself up for failure.


Form fitting or bodycon dresses I would recommend shapewear for smooth lines. Also, a thong or g-string. Remember seamless is the way to go to avoid panty lines. 

Sleeveless and Asymmetrical

A convertible bra is best for sleeveless and asymmetrical tops or dresses. A convertible bra gives you the ability to remove the straps and position them in numerous ways. The view of bra straps detracts from the outfit, and can sometimes make the outfit look messy. So the next time you wear a strapless shirt/dress, consider a strapless or convertible bra to match. I know strapless bras are a pain in the butt, but let’s be honest, they’re a necessary evil.

Mesh or see-through

One of the biggest trends now is see-through pieces, usually made of mesh, lace, or some kind of thin material. I know that a lot of girls simply wear bras under these shirts and sometimes that leaves little to be desired. For the same eye-grabbing effect try replacing your bra with a stylish bandeau or bralette. 

No matter what rules you abide by this season make sure you feel confident and beautiful in whatever you wear! I am also here to help you with all of your style needs. Checkout the links below for some great options for undergarments.

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