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The new season 17 Project Runway contestant, Lela Christiana Orr and Lea Nyland Poulsen, are the dynamic duo responsible for the Eco-Luxury fashion brand, Ferrah Official. Ferrah showcased its #SCANDIWEST collection for Fashion X Celebrate Texas runway show during Austin Fashion Week 2019 season. Before I get started, let's give it up for the home team, Dallas, TX. We've watched this brand grow since Collection, I remember when I first saw the fringe frock party dress. I immediately started shimmying like yaas, be free Queen!

Collection V, Scandi West is a 100% all natural and cruelty-free collection. Made ethically in Dallas,TX. Natural fabrics like peace silk, vegan leather, organic cotton and linen were used to create zero waste pieces. Fabulous while saving the planet, that is serious girl power, PERIOD! The designers drew from their family heritage, West Texas and Scandinavia's Kingdom: Denmark. #SCANDIWEST

Each piece embodied a sense of ease, comfort, and liberation. Breezy dresses that would turn heads at the Derby. Free the nipple, Ferrah said! And we shall with look 1, a linen striped dress also made in black. Texas girls know the heat is nobody's friend, especially in dry, West Texas! Light cottons and linens are a must for the Texas heat wave. Look 1 reminds us of the steel-hooped cage crinoline. A European undergarment used in the 1800's for shape and volume. Many dresses were styled with Ferrah's Mile-Long belt and West Bolero hats to keep that western vibe alive.

Another staple was the fringe and embroidered tapestries. Our favorite was the all-black dress with the fringe bottom hem; you can never go wrong with sleekness, fringe, or a cinched waist! Another favorite was the Desperado jacket, talk about gunsmoke! Ferrah kept the collections inspiration rich by utilizing family heirlooms to make quilted silk dresses and hand embroidery blazers. The floral print towards the end of the collection was inspired by Lela's Grandmother's dining room wallpaper.

Ferrah definitely hit the mark, bringing us femininity and staying true to heritage. Farrah's touch on modernizing traditional garments and using ethical fabrics is nostalgic. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet! Ferrah makes a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Most garments lose 15% of their fabric and Ferrah keeps all leftover materials from each collection. They reuse and recycle leftovers into new textiles or either donate or store in their archives, for future collections.

Ferrah, thank you for being a representation of fabulous while saving the planet! We wish you so much success on Project Runway Season 17. The new season airs on Bravo, Thursday March 14th, 2019. Ferrah Official is currently taking pre-orders, please visit for more details. Grab your lasso and snatch this Collection V, #SCANDIWEST online May 1st.

Fashionistas we want to hear from you! Comment and or like which pieces from #SCANDIWEST are your absolute favorite below!



Photography by Charles Linn of Fashion X

Edited by Ryan Maples

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