A profound visionary from Dallas, Texas, Akilah Yaasmeen Whitaker fell in love with fashion, production, and fashion editorials at an early age. Attending Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet - Fashion Marketing in 2008-2011, gave her the foundation she needed to pursue her aspirations in the industry. During 2014, She received her Bachelor's degree in Marketing from The University of North Texas.


A year later, launching her fashion consulting network and blog, Are You Willing (AYW); Akilah had the opportunity to shadow and lead projects of her own with the students and faculty at The Art Institute of Dallas. Yaas enjoys partnering with fashion brands and influencers across the globe. In 2019, she formed Haus of Yaas, LLC. which specializes in creative direction, wardrobe styling, and runway production. 


Akilah uses her fashion savvy to uplift battered women and help support organizations that focus on domestic violence and sex trafficking. Her style inspirations thrive from couture, cinema, and music. She enjoys creating mood boards, live music, karaoke, and traveling. In her spare time, you can catch her blogging at New York Fashion Week or gagging at your local fashion art exhibit. 




Her ultimate style philosophy was something her mother used to tell her all the time.. "The clothes don't make you, you make the clothes!"




Akilah Yaas